Adobe MAX


Adobe approached BUCK to rebrand their annual creativity conference and create a visual system around the concept of PLAY.

This project was a collaborative effort by many talented artists at BUCK, and it was a truly enjoyable experience to be part of its development. Before moving on to digital, we explored the language and concept on paper and experimented with various techniques and styles. In the end, we established a toolkit and system of playful shapes designed to continuously evolve and grow.



ECD: Vincent Lammers
Art Direction: Estefan Richter, Simon Buijs
Design: Anna Moessnang, Bernd Bousard, Bianca Beneduci, Catarina Alves, Estefan Richter, Jen Zheng, Léa Zhang, Rasmus Stenberg, Simon Buijs, Yana Abramova
3D: Sonal Jadhav
Animation Lead: Jardeson Rocha
Animation: Andrés Cuevas, Greta Sennekamp, Jardeson Rocha, Joe Sparkes, Santiago Gonzalez
Production: Bárbara Scatolini, Chance Woodward

© Anna Mößnang 2023
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