Devsisters Brixity


Through Buck I was lucky to work on a promotional film for the launch of Devsisters’ new, world-building game, Brixity. The film is a mixed media result. It seamlessly shifts between 3D, 2D and gameplay footage. My tasks on the project included concepting, storyboarding and creating a world that reflects the game in a 2D style. 



3D Animation: Christine Jaudoin, Alex Alabadi Aragó
Executive Creative Director: Vincent Lammers
Associate Creative Director: Mandy Smith
Head of 3D/ 3D Supervisor: Joao Rema
Senior Art Director: Fabrizio Lenci
Executive Producer: Chance Woodward
Senior Producer: Jamey Kitchens
Copywriting: Dave Evans, Brooke Kessler, Mandy Smith
Designers: Christo Silveira, Santiago Gonzalez, Bianca Beneduci, Léa Zhang, Sonal Jadhav,
Yana Abramova, Anna Moessnang 

Lead Animator: Daniel Rodrigues
Cel Animators: Joe Sparkes, Santiago Gonzalez
AE Animators: Greta Sennekamp, Jardeson Rocha, Andres Cuevas

Compositing: Melissa van het Spijker
Rigging: Regina Cicone
3D Artisits: Manon Sailly, Saskia Bulletti, Sonal Jadhav

Editor: Pete Szijarto, Cameron Kelly

© Anna Mößnang 2023
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